Monday, 2 May 2011

Reading- Afterlight by Alex Scarrow

                    Last Light  

Earlier today I finished Afterlight by Alex Scarrow. I first stumbled on this series a year or so ago when a friend gave me a copy of Last Light. Strangely I like novels that depict dystopian societies and Last Light had me gripped. It details the last week before a Peak Oil crash;
It seems to be a very normal Monday morning. But in the space of only a few days, the world's oil supplies have been severed and at a horrifying pace things begin to unravel everywhere. And this is no natural disaster: someone is behind this. Jenny is stuck in Manchester, fighting desperately against the rising chaos to get back to London, where her children are marooned as events begin to spiral out of control; riots, raging fires, looting, rape and murder. In the space of a week, London is transformed into a lawless and anarchic vision of Hell. Jenny's estranged husband, oil engineer Andy Sutherland, is stranded in Iraq with a company of British soldiers, desperate to find a way home to his family, trapped as transport links and the very infrastructure of daily life begins to collapse around him. And against all this, a mysterious man is tracking Andy's family. He'll silence anyone who might be able to reveal the identities of those behind this global disaster. It seems that the same people who now have a stranglehold on the future of civilisation have flexed their muscles before, at other significant tipping points in history, and they are prepared to do anything to keep their secret - and their power – safe.” From

Afterlight is set 10 years after the crash and shows the struggles the few people still alive face. I will admit I had tried to read Afterlight several times over the past year or so and never got past the first chapter. However this time I was gripped and finished it in a couple of mass reading sessions. Good old Bank Holidays!

I highly recommend both of these books and the issue of Peak Oil and survival that are thrown up.

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